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 5.10.2020   U7B  Int. short distance race, solorun

                     Odin: 2 nd place

                     Yumah: 4 th place

Huge congratulations to our fast team!!!!!!

 IHA Tulln, 26-27.9.2020

26.9.2020: Yumah: BOS!!! CACIB,CACA 🎉🎉🎉

                      Odin: exc.2.res.CACA

27.9.2020: Yumah: exc.1 CACA

                     Odin: exc.1 CACA

                      Imani: exc.2.res.CACA

                     Thalula: exc.3 (3/8)

Sooo happy with this great results!!!!!

Huge congratulations to Yumah and Jenny!!!!!! What a fantastic result for our great team!!!


20.09.2020    CACIL-Coursing St.Ägyd 

Odin (4/8) CACIL

Yumah (3/6)

Wonderful!!! Huge congratulations to our great teams!

Odin first official coursing + show

we are so proud of wonderful Odin!!!


National coursing Mistrovstvi CZ 5. place ( 5/12)


CZ Saluki Club Show (52 Saluki)

ZK; exc 1 ( 1/3) CAC

Odin, is brandnew           !!!!!!!!!!! Slovenian Champion !!!!!!!!!!

4. - 6.9.2020 CAC + CACIB Lesce/Bled

3 shows and 3 times CAC, so Odin is Slovenian Champion !! 

Odin and Yumah joined their first Coursing in Ottenschlag last weekend. They both did a great job!!!

CACIB Papa and Esterhazy Memorial, Hungary

Open class under judges: Mr. Vojtek and Mr. Csoba-Zsolt

Odin had wonderful results:

20.06.2020  V1/CAC/res. CACIB

21.06.2020 V1/CAC

Huge congratulations Odin and Elisabeth!

Since 1.3.2020 Kenai is allowed to run without leash!! And he is sooo happy now, and so are we!

IHA Graz, 29.2.2020

Odin in youthclass  - exc 2

Imani in youthclass - exc 2

Thalula in youthclass - exc 1,  JBOB

And once again Odin and Imani  won 2nd best couple in Show!!

 CACIB Celje + Winter Winner Celje 22.+23. February 2020, Judges Sue Bownds/AU and Dusan Paunovic/RS

22.2.-Thalula in Youthclass exc 1, Junior Winner

23.2.                                            exc 1, Junior Winner, Junior BOB, Junior Winter Winner 2020

So Thalula is now Slovenian Junior Champion!

22.2.-Odin in Youthclass exc 1, Junior Winner, Junior BOB

23.2.-                                     exc 1, Junior Winner

And the best comes now: Odin and Imani won 2nd best brace in Show!!

CACIB Slovenia Winner in Celje 18.+19. January 2020, Judges are Gerard Jipping/NL and Torbjörn Skaar/SE

18.1. - Thalula in Youthclass exc 1, Junior Winner, Junior BOB
19.1.                                              exc 1, Junior Winner, JuniorBOB
18.1. - Imani in Youthclass vg2
19.1.                                           exc2
18.1. - Leili in Championclass exc 3
19.1. -                                              exc 2, res CAC

Good girls!!

CACIB Wels2019

7.11.2019 - Thalula in youthclass: exc4 under Bart Scheerens

8.11.2019 - Imani in youthclass exc2 under Audrie Vansteelant-Benoit

I´am very proud of my girls!

CACIB Wels 2019      - Odin-

7-8.11.2019-Youthclass: both days exc3, under judge Bart Scheerens and Audrie Vansteelant-Benoit

Congratulations Odin!

 Zagreb Winter Classic 2019    - Odin-

23.11.2019-Youthclass: ex 1/2, JB, Crufts Qualification, under judge Sandra Terzic

24.11.2019- Youthclass: ex 1/2, JB, JBOB, Zagreb Junior Winner 2019, under judge Helen Tonkson-Koit

Odin is new  Croatian Junior Champion


Zagreb, 18th Sighthound Special Show   -Odin-

22.11.2019: Youthclass, ex1/2, JB, JBOB, Junior Club Winner 2019, BIS2, under judge Peter Friedrich and Lea Gudelj

Bravo Odin!!


26. u. 27.10.2019  Danube CACIB Bratislava. Odin was ex2 under judge Susan Cameron-Codognotto (AU) on the first day, and on second day he was exc1, CAJC, JBOB and Crufts Qualification under judge Tanya Ahlmann-Stockmari (FI). Well done Odin and Elisabeth!! We are so happy and proud!!

20.10.2019 Odin was at our place for a short visit!!

28.u.29.09.2019 IHA Tulln. Elisabeths beautiful Akeem Odin Moniet el Nefous was shown in Youthclass under judge Anne Mc Donald(GB) with wonderful results:     ex 1/4,  Youthbest, and Crufts Qualification. On second day under judge Tamas Jakkel(H) ex 2/4. Congratulations Elisabeth, we are so proud of  wonderful Odin!

14.07.2019 CACIB Savar Hungary. Judge Natalya Sedyh. Imani got very promising. Thalula also got very promising and was best puppy!

13.7.2019 IHA Oberwart. Judge Zdenka Jilkova. Alisha Imani Moniet el Nefous got very promising and was best puppy. Anthea Thalula Moniet el Nefous also got very promising. They both got very nice judge reports. Thank you so much Sabine for perfect handling of Imani!

 19.5.2019 Grafenegg Winner Show. We had a wonderful family meeting there, and kids where judged by Niklas Eriksson, Sweden. Odin, Yumah, Thalula and Imani got very promising. Nenejh got promising. I am so, so happy for this results, the kids where great!!!

11.5.2019  Eurosighthound in Planice, Slowenien. Girls did a great job. Thalula got very promising and was best minor baby with a lovely judge report from Agneta Doverholt, Sweden. Imani also got very promising and was placed 3rd,  also with a very  nice judge report. I am very happy and proud of my little Supergirls!!

26.4.2019   Today is Leilis 5. birthday, and we make some lovely pics, click on the pics to see them in full size.

20.4.2019  Thalula got on her first Show in Maribor    very promising 1   , she behaved very well and got a lovely judge report from Juha Kares from Finland. I am very proud of my little girl!


Every Puppy has got an own page where you can see the latest pictures, just click on Puppies

Our puppies are born!!

6 wonderful puppies are born on 22.11.2018

2 boys in the color creme-white parti

and creme  

4 girls in the colors lightcreme-white parti, gold, grizzle and black-white parti

Here are some mixed puppie-pics

This picture is taken on day 56, 15.11.2018, only a few days to go!!


   Great news!

We will have puppies around 20. November 2018!

Proud parents are:

Delayla al Noushafarin & Al Zubeyda Fodeil


for more info go to litters

At CAC Speciality in Varazdin Leili got V2, R-CAC in Championclass

At IHA Wieselburg on 12.05.2018 Leili got V1 in Championclass

In Grafenegg on 6.5.2018 Leili got V2 in the Championclass