Moniet el Nefous

Aladar Kenai Moniet el Nefous

Kenai is Imani and Thalulas brother, so he is also born on 22.11.2018. Kenai is my daughters big love. We thought long wheater we should keep him or not, because we already have five girls, but Kenai is an absolut special boy, so it was a decision of our hearts. Kenai means black bear, ok, he is not black, but he is the absolut greatest cuddlebear we have ever seen, he is so loveable, handsome, sensible, tenderly, friendly, sweet, funny but also full of energy, his character  is a bit like Thalulas and Leilis, so absolut  very special, that we were not able to give him away.

So, here he is, our big love Kenai, her you can see pictures where he is older than 21 weeks. 

Pictures when he was younger you can find on his Puppy-page.

22 Weeks

23 Weeks

24 Weeks

6 Months

Before Kenai´s accident on 15. July where he broke his femur.

12 Months

15 months (running free again)

17 Months

21 Months

24 Months

28 Months

29 Months

July 2021

June 2022

April 2023