Moniet el Nefous

Anthea Thalula Moniet el Nefous

Slovenian Junior Champion, 

Slovenian Junior Winner 2020, Slovenian Junior Winter Winner 2020

Slovenian Champion

Thalula is  born on 22.11.2018. Thalula means ´sparkling water´, and that suits so perfect to her because she is full of energy. She is my keeper-girl from my first litter. I knew very quickly that I will keep her, because she has everything I want from a Saluki. She has a perfect anatomie, wonderful movement, and she has such a friendly, open and funny character, and I also like her lovely colouring. 

Here you can see the pictures of Thalula when she is more than 14 weeks old . 

The pictures of her, when she was younger you can find on Puppies-page.


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