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Our puppies are born!!

6 wonderful puppies are born on 22.11.2018

2 boys in the color creme-white parti

and creme  

4 girls in the colors lightcreme-white parti, gold, grizzle and black-white parti

Here are some mixed puppie-pics

This picture is taken on day 56, 15.11.2018, only a few days to go!!


   Great news!

We will have puppies around 20. November 2018!

Proud parents are:

Delayla al Noushafarin & Al Zubeyda Fodeil


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At CAC Speciality in Varazdin Leili got V2, R-CAC in Championclass

At IHA Wieselburg on 12.05.2018 Leili got V1 in Championclass

In Grafenegg on 6.5.2018 Leili got V2 in the Championclass