Moniet el Nefous

Baha Habibi Moniet el Nefous

ÖKWZR Jugendsieger 2023

ÖKWZR Klubjugendsieger 2023

Slovenian Youthchampion

Habibi is born on 13.01.2022

Habibi means "darling", and she was my darling from the moment she was born. She is real Saluki, with all their attitudes. A funny and happy girl, very friendly to everybody and every dog with an open and playful character. And as a cherry on the top she is really beautiful and  has a wonderful colouring.

Here you can see pictures of Habibi when she is more than 11 weeks.

Pictures of her when she was younger you can find on Puppies-page.

12 Weeks

14 Weeks

16 Weeks

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12 months

14 months

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